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Media Center News

by Karen Boehmer

August 17, 2009


Media Center News
Welcome back everyone!! We had a great beginning to the new school year. I’d like to welcome back Nikki Tunick and Barb Rhode back as our wonderful Para’s in the Media Center. The teamwork we have is awesome and we enjoy assisting the students with search in learning. Please call either library for passwords for our links to informational web sites.

High School Media Center
The High School AR program will be having the students read 1 book per semester, so your JH/HS student should have at least one book to read each semester and the English teachers will be using this as part of their grading in their class.

World Book online
There are many research links available and will be included in newsletter and on the Randolph Schools homepage. The first research web site available to home and school is the World Book. There is a link directly on the school homepage the passwords are:

School Access
ID: randolphpublic
Pswd: cardinals
Home Access
ID: randolphonline
Pswd: cardinals

This is a great resource for very current information and a great starting point for ideas for those research papers or for just wanting to know more about any subject.

A Second resource is the nebraskAccess website. Again, the information is very current and they have many magazines and periodicals and newspapers available for information. The web address is http://nebraskaccess.ne.gov The password is usurper3.

Elementary Media Center
This years theme is "Pick a Beary Good Book". There will be soft, plush reading buddies for the students to cuddle as they read or read to their friend. There will be small centers that feature different topics throughout the year. Once center that will be available is a Creative Center and the first topic will be Origami. The students will follow printed directions and use Origami paper to try their hand at making a frog,whale, or butterfly. There is a 2nd center that will feature an author. This month the featured author is Roald Dahl. At the online center will be various authors web sites to learn more about a favorite author.
I am very happy to have time in the library to spend with the students and we will be doing some read-a-loud and library topics throughout the year. We will start with Library etiquette and how to care for books. I will be include different genre’s and how to use various informational resources.

If you or your student has a read a book that they were excited about and feel it is something that could be considered for either Elementary or Junior High/High School Media Centers, please call or e mail the suggestion and we will check it out.It will be a busy year with lots of learning happening in the Media Centers. Check out the Randolph home page for web sites that the students can use for fun and learning.


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